All investments are managed by Portfolio Stewards Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wealth Stewards, and are held at a third party custodian, National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN), a division of National Bank.

Picking stocks, chasing hot fund managers and trying to time the market are common pitfalls that threaten wealth. We believe that markets are efficient and that the so-called skill of many fund managers and DIY investors is actually luck masquerading as skill.

Portfolio Steward’s investment philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory and on Nobel Prize-winning academic research. We’re not the only investment firm to operate this way, but one of a select number who do.

We construct globally diversified portfolios across a wide array of asset classes to reflect your attitude to risk and your investment objectives. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint; we set our sights for the long term to help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

Alternative Investments

Portfolio Stewards Inc. provides alternative investment strategies to meet unique objectives such as low volatility, accessing niche asset classes, minimizing taxes, etc.  We constantly seek new strategies that meet our prudent due diligence requirements to further enhance our clients' portfolios.