Shelby began working with Wealth Stewards part-time in 2017 to build the Online presence of the company and create a cohesive brand Identity.  

She recently graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber where she received an Honors Bachelor of Applied Arts from Guelph and a Diploma in Media Communications from Humber College. Shelby worked with Humber Athletics promoting and documenting various varsity sporting events with the aim of increasing school spirit and growing game attendance. 

During her time at Wealth Stewards Shelby has contributed to many projects including the organization and marketing of a variety of events, advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. She currently works on long and short term marketing stratagies, curates and creates content for our social media as well as contributes her design expertise to a variety of projects with both internal and external applications.

In her spare time Shelby enjoys swimming, art, skiing, cycling and traveling. 

Contact Shelby

Phone: 905-891-6052 Ext.9